Just In: Ramadan fast begins as Sultan declares Monday as beginning of fast

Ramadan fast begins as moon was sighted in Sokoto on Sunday, as declared by Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, Sultan Of Sokoto

He said that the new crescent was sighted in many parts of the country which indicates that Sunday was the end of the 8th month of sha’adan.

The Sultan made this as a result of many report received from Muslim leaders and many organisations across the country.

In his words “Upon due verification and authentication by the national and state moon sighting commitees’ confirmation signifies the end of the 8th month of Sha’adan 1440 AH.

“in accordance with the Islamic law, the Muslim Ummah is to commence on Monday 6th May 2019”, he said.

He therefore advised all Muslim faithful to fully devote themselves in the worship of Allah through out the holy month, and use the period of the fast to pray for all Leaders and the peace, progress, and prosperity of the nation.

In conclusion “We further call on all Nigerians to live in peace irrespective of their religious beliefs or tribal differences”, he said.

Ramadan is said to be the ninth month in the Muslim calendar, whereby Muslims are to observe fast for 30 days which is a month.

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