Naira Marley: Ruggedman denies having hands in Naira Marley’s arrest

Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman under fire over the arrest of, up and coming Nigerian artist, Naira Marley as many Nigerian’s thinks he has hands in the arrest

Ruggedman looks to be fed up with the accusations of knowing about the arrest of singer, Naira Marley. Ruggedman had earlier rejoiced over the arrest of Naira Marley.

He further took to the social media, to deny involvement in the arrest, and he stated that he would not make any post concerning it any longer, he also called out anyone who has prove of his involvement to make it public.

He wrote in quote “My last post on this matter! You can’t satisfy humans! Know alot of people want to use this sensitive case to trend, so I will not mention any handle directly. But I will ask is that “anyone with proof of Ruggedman writing petition against Naira Marley should please make it public asap so people will see. If they don’t then people should know they are sick and only trying to trend themselves.

“The same person fighting rogue police on behalf of innocent youths, cannot turn around and get a young guy arrested because of ordinary insults. It’s a pity how quick Nigerians forget cos they are angry, but time will tell God bless you”.

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