R-Kelly is broke with just $13 left in his account

Singer R-Kelly is said to have just $13 left in his account after settling a debt with his former Landlord paying $150,000.

Though the money was reported to have been siezed from him.

It was reported that a judge took out $154,527.22 from his bank account which he had with the Bank Of America to pay his Chicago Landlord for back rent, after the owner of the property won $173,000 against the singer. The court reportedly retained $650 in those accounts.

After request by the Landlord for $20,000 R-Kelly still owed, Wintrust bank claimed that R-Kelly account had only $13 left.

The Landlord had also requested that his record label (Sony music)  should pay the debt. Lawyers representing the Landlord had also asked the song writers association to pay the debt bit they responded by saying they owed him nothing.

R-Kelly who still face 10 count charge for sexual abuse face the risk of conviction for 70 years.


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