So sad: Gunmen attack church kills priest and five others during service

A Catholic Church in Dablo, Burkina Faso, was reported to have been attacked by gunmen, killing priest and five others during church service

The Agence Franc Presse (AFP) reports that security sources and local sources made this known to the public.

“Towards 9:00 am, during mass armed individuals burst into Catholic Church, they started firing as members tried to flee”, Mayor of Dablo Ousmane Zing told the AFP.

He added that the gunmen managed to trap some worshippers.

“They killed five of them, the priest who was celebrating was also killed bringing the number of dead to six”, he said.

Zongo said that, the attackers set fire on the church, small shops and cafe before they moved to the local health center, which they looted and set ablaze the nurse’s vehicle.

According to a security source about 20 to 30 gunmen carried out the attack.

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